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General Fundraiser Marketing Kit

So you set up your GoodTwo Fundraising Campaign. Now what? Now you’ve gotta let everyone know about your deals. That’s just what this guide is for, so check out our tips, tricks and templates and get busy fundraising!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You can log into your page at any time. By logging in, you can change your campaign information or select new deals.
  • Check out the “Share” toolbar right on your page. This will let you quickly send your page via Facebook, email and Twitter–the three quickest and easiest way to get the word out about your fundraiser.
  • Promote! Promote! Promote! Just like all your other fundraising efforts, your GoodTwo fundraiser will only work if people know it’s there. Send emails to your supporters throughout your campaign and let them know what you’re doing and why you’re raising money.
  • Questions? Email us at

How It Works

goodtwo™ is a fundraising platform: we provide your fundraising page and deals, and you market the deals to your network. For each deal that someone purchases from your page, your campaign receives the specified donation. The key to the success of your fundraiser is how much you promote your page to family members, friends, donors, and other people in your network (and don’t be shy about asking people to pass along the deals for you!). With GoodTwo, your donors get a great deal and you get a donation, so spread the word!

Fundraising Tips

  • Don’t Set it And Forget it (Because Your Donors Will Forget it Too): Treat your GoodTwo campaign like any other fundraising campaign your organization does. Send emails about it, post to Facebook and Tweet about it throughout the campaign.
  • Make Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse: All year, you ask your supporters for money, time, and resources. With GoodTwo, you’re actually rewarding them with a great deal. Keep that in mind when crafting your appeal: it’s a reward for the donor that has the added bonus of supporting a cause they care about.
  • Make it Viral: Remind your supporters that they can help your organization not only by buying deals from your campaign, but also by spreading the word to their family, friends and coworkers, especially if they see deals they’d like!


GoodTwo has put together a variety of templates that will allow you to insert the link to your fundraiser, copy, paste and go!


To a Donor List:

Dear Supporters:

In the past, you’ve supported our organization with your time, effort and generous donations. Today, we want to give a little something back to you. We’ve teamed up with GoodTwo to offer three great deals on goods and services we think you’ll love. Each deal saves you 50% or more, but it gets even better. Every time someone buys a deal from our fundraising page at GoodTwo, we get a donation.

Our GoodTwo fundraiser is only two weeks long, and in that time, we need all the help we can get spreading the word! Please pass the link to our fundraiser along to your contacts, post it on Facebook and Twitter, and let people know about the great deals that they can get while benefitting our organization.

You can check out all of our deals here: INSERT YOUR GOODTWO LINK.

This is one of those rare circumstances where everyone wins: you get a great deal, we get a donation. We hope you’ll consider buying one or more of our GoodTwo deals and passing along the information to your network. Thank you!

To a Personal List:

Dear Friends:

I think most of us can agree that both saving money and doing a great deed are two things that make us feel great. Well, as you know, I’m a supporter of INSERT ORGANIZATION NAME, and they’re currently running a fundraiser that allows us the rare opportunity to do both at the same time!

The fundraiser, through GoodTwo, offers three different deals of 50% off or more. These are great savings on businesses that you likely patronize or are interested in, and they’re for a limited time only. Every time someone purchases one of these deals, a donation is made to this great cause.

You can see the deals and details about the fundraiser at: INSERT LINK TO FUNDRAISER.

I hope that you’ll not only consider buying deals through GoodTwo to benefit this good cause, but that you’ll also pass along this link to your network, post on Facebook, and tweet about it to let your family members and friends know that these deals are available, and that their purchase will benefit a great cause.

Thank you!


Option 1:

All year long, you support us. Now, it’s our turn to give you a little something back. Check out these three amazing deals at GoodTwo: you’ll get 50% or more off on each of them! Oh, and we get a little something too: for every deal purchased, we get a donation. Everyone wins! INSERT LINK

Option 2:

For the next two weeks, you have the chance to support us while also saving a ton of money! Check out our GoodTwo fundraiser: INSERT LINK. You get an awesome deal, and we get a donation! Please repost this to your network!

Option 3:

We’re running a fundraiser with GoodTwo, and here’s how it works: you get a fantastic deal for 50% or more off, and we get a donation for every deal purchased. You save money, we make money–easy as that. INSERT LINK

Option 4:

Check out our GoodTwo fundraiser. You get a great deal and we get a donation for each deal purchased. INSERT LINK Please share this link within your network! Everyone loves a good deal.

Option 5:

Time’s running out on our GoodTwo fundraiser! You can buy great deals for a limited amount of time and for every deal purchased, we get a donation! Check it out before it’s too late: INSERT LINK.


Please remember that Twitter updates must be <140 characters. The templates below assume you use to shorten your GoodTwo link so that it will fit into the update.

Option 1:

Check out our fundraiser with @good_two. You get a great deal and we get a donation! INSERT LINK

Option 2:

Looking for a way to donate to us without spending money? How ’bout saving some too? Each of these deals = a donation! INSERT LINK

Option 3:

This is what we call a win-win: You buy one of these great deals from @good_two, we get a donation. It’s easy as that! INSERT LINK

Option 4:

Time’s running out on our deals with @good_two! Don’t miss out: you get 50%+ off, and we get a donation! INSERT LINK

Option 5:

We’re doing a @good_two fundraiser: you buy a great deal, we get a donation! Please RT & help us raise some $! INSERT LINK

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