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Friday Afternoon Reading

June 29, 2012

We’re hours away from the weekend, so if your productivity is waning this afternoon, check out some of the links from around the web that will get your creative fundraising juices flowing…or at least stimulate a great to-do list for next week! Enjoy and feel free to leave your own must-reads in the comments.

  • Study: You Can’t Use the Economy as an Excuse Anymore: The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports on The Cygnus Donor Survey. The bottom line? Donors want to see results, and blaming the economy is wearing thin. Lots of insights as you look for fresh ideas to engage your donor base.
  • Local Bank Gets 20,000 Facebook Fans Through Cause Marketing: It’s the best in cause marketing: the bank meets its marketing goals, area charities benefit, and customers feel as though they have directly contributed to a cause. Plus, the numbers are astounding…the Bank of Ann Arbor has nearly caught up with behemoth JP Morgan Chase’s 20,071 fans.
  • Save Time on Twitter: Most nonprofits now have a Twitter presence, but maintaining it can be cumbersome. Check out Inc.’s five tips for streamlining what you do on Twitter. 

And food for thought–a few fundraising campaigns that have caused a stir this week. What do you think of them? Innovative or unwarranted?

  • Bullied Bus Monitor Donations Top $500K: The story caught the attention–and sympathy–of the nation, but as donation for the bus monitor pile up, some question if the moral of this story is being lost.
  • Obama Capitalizes on Wedding Season: Who needs a gravy boat when you can combine your wedding day with politics? Many are grumbling over this move from the Obama campaign. What do you think–innovative or tacky?

Enjoy your weekend! 

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