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Politics and Deals? A Cool New Way to Use GoodTwo

July 28, 2011

A few weeks ago, we read about a Massachusetts politician who was thinking about running a Groupon for one of his fundraisers. Dan Winslow is a Massachusetts State Representative who’s a little bit different than most state reps you might know. Dan is Tweeting. He’s Facebooking. He has mobile giving set up. We met with Dan when we saw he was interested in doing the Groupon, and we were impressed. He’s an energetic guy who’s passionate about his campaign and interested in trying new things. As a startup, we love hearing that enthusiasm–as a startup that focuses on helping anyone raise money for anyTHING, we thought that there might be a way that we could all work together.

And so GoodTwo’s first political fundraiser was born. This isn’t just new for us or for Dan–this is new for the country. Dan’s campaign team filed a request for a ruling with Massachusett’s campaign finance office to ensure that they’d be able to do an online deal. This week, the state handed down the ruling: online deals for politicians are a go. This is especially cool for us because it’s in our home state and because we love to pioneer. So here we are! Dan will have his own GoodTwo page, just like all of our other fundraisers, but instead of cool deals from restaurants and spas, Dan’s deal will be a discount on a cocktail party fundraiser he’s putting on this fall for Boston’s young professionals.

If you’re curious about the details and how this will all work, you can check out this article in The Boston Globe. We can’t wait to start working with politicians from every party and state to help them raise money while reaching the population of supporters that loves to get a deal and share with their friends! And, of course, we’d love to hear what you think of all this, so leave us some feedback in the comments.


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