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Rising to the (Mass)Challenge!

May 26, 2011

In the six months since GoodTwo launched, our team has been working diligently to create a platform that makes sense for fundraisers, to bring some awesome causes aboard, and to get some great deals for them to run as fundraisers. We feel like we’ve been succeeding, but it’s always great to hear someone else agree. This week, we found out that we’ve been named finalists in MassChallenge. Touted as the world’s largest startup competition, MassChallenge provides finalists with summer office space (overlooking the water, we might add), mentoring, startup bootcamps, networking, and more. It’s a huge honor to be one of the 125 companies chosen out of the original 733 that applied this year.

We also have you to thank. Our supporters voted for and endorsed us, which helped us in the push to the finish. More than that, those of you who are fundraising with us are proving every day that the whole “daily deal” trend can, in fact, be used for great things. The businesses who’ve partnered with us are showing people that businesses aren’t just about bottom line, but they’re also about helping great causes out. In the end, it’s an affordable thing for everyone: great causes are raising money for free, donors are getting great deals made even better by the fact that part of their donation is going to the cause, and businesses are getting to pair up with these great causes and welcome some of the cause’s supporters through their doors, where they’ll surely become loyal customers.

We love this win-win-win ecosystem and we are pretty sure it’s why we’re entering the finals of MassChallenge. We’re excited about the collaboration and mentorship throughout the summer, and we hope you are too. It’s this type of interaction that will bring us great ideas for making GoodTwo an increasingly better way to fundraise.

And of course, we always want to hear from you. If you have ideas, questions or comments, email us at This is an exciting time for us all, and we are looking forward to bringing more fundraisers onto our platform, raising money with great deals for their donors!

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