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GoodTwo Marketing 101

February 28, 2011

Since our launch here at GoodTwo, we’ve been thrilled to help any number of nonprofits and fundraisers running campaigns for a wide variety of causes to start their GoodTwo campaigns. With GoodTwo, the fundraisers get a campaign page that describes their mission and goals, and some great deals to promote to their networks. For every deal purchased, the fundraiser gets a donation. The donor gets a deal. It’s a win-win all around.

If you’re one of the many fundraisers who have received an email welcoming you to GoodTwo, you may think the concept sells itself. Great deals? Donations? Who WOULDN’t want in? You’d be right, but the trick is that your network, whether they be donors, family members, or friends, needs to know about your GoodTwo fundraiser in order to get their deals and make their donations. The concept of GoodTwo means that it’s a short-term fundraiser, usually no more than a couple of weeks, to help build up urgency in your audience an encourage them to purchase the deals before they’re gone. So it’s important to make the most of your time running the GoodTwo deals, and to utilize email, Facebook and Twitter to let people know that the deals are available. The marketing team here at GoodTwo has come up with some tips that are based on our experience in the deal a day market that GoodTwo is built on. Follow these tips and use the custom Facebook and Twitter updates provided in your welcome email to spread the word!

Marketing Your Fundraiser Effectively


– Reach out to current donors: Are there people who have already donated to your cause? A go-to network that you have for your cause? Whether it’s a personal email list of family members and friends or an organization-wide list of past and present donors, first promote your page to that group. They already care about and support your cause, so why wouldn’t they want to save money while doing so?


– Make it viral: Deals appeal to everyone, not just the supporters of your cause. With the right deals and promotion, your GoodTwo fundraiser has the potential to go viral, being promoted to not only your supporters but to their families, friends and others they believe will like the deals. Not only will you raise money for your cause, but you’ll also increase its exposure. But remember, you have to ask for help: request to your network that they forward your page link on to their family and friends, tweet about it on Twitter or post about it on Facebook.

Deliver your message frequently: If you’re promoting your deal on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll want to do it more than once. Each day, promote your fundraiser across whatever social media outlets you or your organization use to ensure that your followers see it and remember it.

Dedicate your emails: While it’s great to include your GoodTwo fundraiser in your regular organization’s communications, it’s important to dedicate at least one email to your list to the GoodTwo fundraiser you’re running. Describe the deals, let readers know they’re benefitting you, and link to the campaign page. You’ll probably want to send an email towards the start and the end of your campaign to keep the fundraiser top of mind. Plus, include the link to your fundraiser in any regular communications, email signatures,  on your website, etc.

Take advantage of a time limit: GoodTwo deals are only available for a limited time. When you’re communicating with your audience, be sure to remind them that these deals won’t be around forever. As your fundraiser draws to a close, send out another communication in each network reminding them that this is their last chance to get a GoodTwo deal to benefit your cause. Part of the appeal of GoodTwo is the urgency behind the purchase.

Get personal: Don’t be afraid to get personal with your promotions. If you have a personal connection to the cause and are emailing family members and friends, let them in on it. If you’re a larger organization, give your list a glimpse into the organization with a story about an accomplishment of the organization. Inject your personality into each and every communication!

Do you have marketing tips for GoodTwo or other campaigns? Let us know what works for you in the comment section!


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