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Press Release: Group Buying Moves Into the Charity Space with Launch of GoodTwo

December 15, 2010


New Brand of CoupMe Worldwide, LLC Allows Fundraisers to Harness the Power of Group Buying to Raise Money for a Cause


NEEDHAM, Mass.–CoupMe Worldwide, LLC announced the launch of GoodTwo, a free fundraising platform that allows individuals and nonprofits of all sizes to raise money by offering “deals” from top local and national brands. As nonprofits continue to face challenging economic times, GoodTwo provides a creative fundraiser that takes advantage of the popularity of group buying sites like CoupMe or Groupon and puts them to use in fundraising.

GoodTwo operates on the premise “Good Deal. Good Cause.” Fundraisers host deals on dedicated pages customized for their cause that they can then offer to their supporters for a limited time. For each deal sold through the page, the fundraiser keeps half the profit. While the fundraiser benefits from each sale, the donors also receive a discount of 50% off or more at local and national businesses as a reward.

“GoodTwo allows nonprofits to take advantage of the group buying trend, rewarding donors while also meeting fundraising goals. The cause receives a donation, the donor gets a great deal, and the business presenting the deal gets valuable cause association and brings a new customer through its door,” says CoupMe Worldwide CEO Bill Yucatonis, a former marketing vice president at online charity auction site BiddingForGood. “Our team’s experience with fundraising solutions and early entry into the group buying marketplace with our New England site CoupMe gives us the strategic edge to merge the traditional deal-a-day model into a unique fundraising platform.”

GoodTwo is open to all causes and sizes of campaigns, from large nonprofits looking for unique fundraising opportunities to walkers and runners raising money for charity. GoodTwo also provides a solution for schools and community groups, who have often turned to fundraisers featuring wrapping paper or magazines, to bring a fresh event to their organization without relying solely on volunteers. Running a fundraiser on the site is completely free.

GoodTwo is launching in December across New England and several other key cities, with plans to rapidly expand nationwide in early 2011. The launch will feature a diverse array of deals for both national brands and local businesses in each territory. For more information, visit

For More Information:
Kristen Elworthy
Director of Marketing & Publicity
978.590.0442 (mobile)

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